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In Topic: Multiple Relation on the same table

13 July 2019 - 06:27 AM

Hi jonni.

Now there is no error but there is not results


Here is a example:

my original query:

 $this->db->select('*, ......  t_imm.tbds_destab_txt,sub_t_imm.tbds_destab_txt,.....');

$this->db->join('tbl_dati_sistema  t_imm', 't_imm.tbds_keytab_txt = imm.aimm_tipologia_code and t_imm.tbds_tblname_txt = "TIP_IMMOB"', 'LEFT');
 $this->db->join('tbl_dati_sistema sub_t_imm', 'sub_t_imm.tbds_keytab_txt = imm.aimm_tipologia_code and sub_t_imm.tbds_tblname_txt = "SUBTIP_IMMOB"', 'LEFT');


That work fine


This my crocery porting:





        $crud->setPrimaryKey('tbds_destab_txt', 'tbl_dati_sistema');
        $crud->setRelation('aimm_tipologia_code', 'tbl_dati_sistema', 'tbds_destab_txt', ['tbds_tblname_txt' => 'TIP_IMMOB']);
        $crud->setRelation('aimm_subtipologia_code', 'tbl_dati_sistema', 'tbds_destab_txt', ['tbds_tblname_txt' => 'SUBTIP_IMMOB']);








In Topic: Installation

04 June 2019 - 04:15 PM

I forgot tha use codeigniter 3.1.10