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radio button to unhide hidden field

27 February 2019 - 04:21 PM

hello friends, before i ask some question i just want to appreciate this is the best CRUD generator for CI/PHP. I'm using this for all of my website.


so my question is, i have some fields in my controller :

$crud->display_as('id', 'No')
                    ->display_as('name', 'Name')
                    ->display_as('address', 'Address')
                    ->display_as('phone', 'Phone')
                    ->display_as('date', 'Date');

1. I want to hide the 'date' field

2. I want to add radio button with two choice ('show','hide')

3. If the show radio button clicked will show the 'date' field

4. if I clicked the hide button it will hide again the 'date' field


I appreciates all help that come, Thank you very much