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how to show all related data1 to many using $crud->setRelation()

24 July 2017 - 05:05 PM

hi i want to ask how to show all row of data when im want to create a relation to another table the example is below



table a









table b







result expextation



Name  |     address   |     country      |      phone_number





end RESULT is merging table A and table B how to make that happen ? thank you :)





how to show some option when im add and edit a data

23 July 2017 - 04:17 PM



I want to ask how to show a some option based from foreign key (category) when i want to add and edit a data



Thank you :)


21 July 2017 - 05:17 PM

Hi Grocery team,


i got a weird bug when i use   $crud->readOnlyAddFields(['___']),


i want to ask when i use this $crud->readOnlyAddFields(['___'])  it should be readonly when the popups comesout right? but when i click add there is not show anything even i cannot insert to database because data that related to read only not showup ( you can check the link below for the detail.




the question is how i can insert data and make some field read only so user cannot change the value and the data can insert into db?


im using Crudgroceryenterprise version 2.3.1 without composer


Thank you :)




now showing data using if using variabel $crud->where()

21 July 2017 - 04:58 PM

Hi Grocery Team


first i want to say thank you , because grocery i can  make crud more faster, and btw Im just purchase your grocerycrud enterprise, and when im using  i got an weired things when i using  $crud->where() , you can see the attchment for the detail,


the point is when i want to find a data from db related to the id using variabel it doenst work ( there is no output)




$get_cat_id  = $this->input->post('category_id'); // category id
$crud->setSubject('Investor Correlation', 'Investor Correlation');
$crud->where(['layer2_inv_correlation.fk_layer2_categoryid' => $get_cat_id  ]); // if using variabel there is no result



but if doesnt use variabel,  is worked  (output show the data)


$crud->setSubject('Investor Correlation', 'Investor Correlation');
$crud->where(['layer2_inv_correlation.fk_layer2_categoryid' => 3  ]); // if not using variabel they show the data




the question is how i can use variabel to find  a data using $crud->where() in grocery enterprise ?



thank you