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Taking where_in function () in codeigniter to GC (problem with the navigation box lists...

28 March 2016 - 08:22 PM

Hi Guys, iam reading this post: http://www.grocerycr...eigniter-to-gc/


And well, i fixed my problem "taking where_in function() in codeigniter to Grocery Crud", we include the function "where_in" in GC. But i have a problem with the "search panel" or "navigation panel" i dont really know the name but i call it the "quickSearchBox".


I have done the changes that the guys did provide me in the post, the changes works good. However, the "quickSearchBox" do not work. Well, it works, but not perfectly.  

The thing is,

I have 1356 registers in my table. And when i use the "where_in", the "quickSearchBox" still displayin the same 1356 registers. But its not true because when i count i have too less. in effect, if i navigate for the pagination from the "quickSearchBox", when i go for the seventh page, do not show me anything.




i don't know if anyone understand me :(

Thanks! I hope someone help me.