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In Topic: GroceryCRUD with Various Database Support.

24 November 2013 - 12:48 AM

Great finding. I've just try it and find that sometime it return error since postgresql has "strict" datatype.
So if, I have integer field in LIKE clause, it will produce an error. There should be manually casted into "char varying".

Give me some time to fix this.

In Topic: GroceryCRUD with Various Database Support.

22 November 2013 - 10:33 PM

Latest CodeIgniter 3.0 has new ucfirst filename rule. Which I believe you've try apply some workaround like this one:


However, are you sure that you have post the correct corresponding code? I can't see any "having" or "test" string in your code which is appear in error message.

In Topic: what is the effect of hmvc on grocerycrud?

03 November 2013 - 11:11 PM

- Are there grocerycrud functions that would not work properly with hmvc installed?

Yes, there are. As you mention, callback on set_rules() function. This is related to CodeIgniter form_validation class. You can apply this: http://www.mahbubblo...in-codeigniter/ or http://www.grocerycr...tion/#entry3020. However you will need to rewrite some of your existing code.

Or you might also want to try this solution (I apply it to No-CMS and it is work):

  1. Add this file: https://github.com/g..._validation.php and this file: https://github.com/g...rocery_CRUD.php


  2. Make a MY_Controller.php in /application/core, and put this:
class MY_Controller extends MX_Controller{
    public function __construct__(){
        $this->form_validation->CI =& $this;
        // resolve HMVC set rule callback problem
        $crud->form_validation = $this->form_validation;
Now, you can just relax. and do this in your function: $crud = $this->crud;


- What are some things we should remember to do or not do when we use codeigniter/hmvc/grocercrud?
Just as my answer for your first question.

- Does grocerycrud work better and faster with hmvc libraries installed in codeigniter?
No, it is a bit slower since HMVC not only check "application" directory, but also everything in "modules" directory. But not that slow...

In Topic: GroceryCRUD with Various Database Support.

03 November 2013 - 10:44 PM

Hi, grocery-crud-database in intended to work with CodeIgniter 3.0.0. However the latest CodeIgniter 3.0.0 has some new rules (which I think a bit ridiculous). According to this https://github.com/E...e41826820feb46, in the latest 3.0.0, the file name should be ucfirst. So renaming "example.php" into "Example.php", "grocery_crud_generic_model.php" into "Grocery_crud_generic_model.php", etc should fix it. I'll also check it by myself.

In Topic: Bug in the search

15 October 2013 - 06:58 AM

Amit Shah Great job. Because of your code, I don't need to spend hours to solve this