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Image CRUD - FineUploader error and 404 error

16 December 2013 - 04:43 PM



I'm starting using Image CRUD (I already use Grocery CRUD).

When I try to upload an image, it fails instantly.


In the console panel, it seems that FineUploader stops because the url upload_file can't be reached, so the XHR response only contains the code of the 404 error:


[FineUploader] Processing 1 files or inputs...

[FineUploader] Sending upload request for 0 http://localhost/osu...1&qqfile=jf.jpg

404 Not Found fineuploader-3.2.min.js

[FineUploader] Error when attempting to parse xhr response text (SyntaxError: Unexpected token <)


In the script panel it seems to stop on the getCookieNames function of fineuploader-3.2.min.js.


The problem isn't about permissions nor upload file size because file upload in this directory works with Grocery CRUD ...


Thanks for your help!