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Remove search controls from list (table)

29 March 2013 - 03:10 AM

Hello everyone,


On my quest to configure the List (table) view, I've found several methods to disable all sorts of functions (export, actions, delete, add, etc.), however I didn't found anything on how to disable the search controls. 


So, have I missed something? How can one go about disabling the search fields/buttons on the list (table) view?


Thanks in advance for the time taken with this question and for the feedback provided!

How to Change list/view Style (CSS)?

29 March 2013 - 03:06 AM

Hello everyone, I'm a complete newbie on grocery-crud and thus I came across a couple of questions. I searched the forum first, but I wasn't able to find an appropriate thread on the matter.


So, on with the questions:


1-I think the list (table) control is great and provides alot of possibilities, however I would like to customize it to fit on my website's style. How do I do that? I've found a "flexigrid.css" on the themes folder and a "datagrid.css", so would it be enough to change that huge css file? How do you pros on Grocery-crud do it?


2-I would also like to know how I can change the style for the detail views (add item, edit item, etc.)?


You see, I would be happy with changing colors and font styles (not planning on changing cell sizes or div dimensions) on the list. On the views I would like to do a couple more changes.


Anyway after looking at over 1000 lines worth of css file, I figured that there must a be a more efficient way of solving this and decided to ask you guys.


So, any ideas?


I thank you advance for the feedback provided and for the time spent with this!