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#7359 Image crud custom thumbnails size & path

Posted amipax on 13 May 2013 - 12:43 AM

Hi buddies,


  I'm successfully using image crud to upload my image files,  I need to have 1 custom size for my thumbnails of 210 in width and 140 in height. i also want to save the thumbnails in a folder called thumbnails in the same directory where original images are saved.


 assets/uploads  <-- original images reside here 

 assets/uploads/thumbnails <-- thumbnails reside here


  i found this inside the image_crud library

    protected function _create_thumbnail($image_path, $thumbnail_path)

should i change values inside the library ->resize_crop(210,140)  or there's another way to it?

how do i assign the thumbnails path ?


thanks in advance