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Image is not get deleted from the server

PHP Developer

PHP Developer
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Posted 15 March 2018 - 12:40 PM

Hi Team,


It's awesome to work with Grocery crud concept. I really like it. Now i have a little clarification/doubt while deleting the image in server. Please clarify it.


Image is not get deleted from the server. But when i check in my localhost server Image got deleted. But i have a same script in my live site also. But in live it's not deleted. It's showing Network Error.


Also we have a full permission for deleting the image in the live server. Still the image is not get deleted. Please suggest.


Check the screen-shot for your reference: https://prnt.sc/irjn4z


Error that i have got : https://prnt.sc/irjwvs


This screen-shot is while deleting the image in my local server: https://prnt.sc/irkbak



Thanks in Advance,