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Personalizar Grocery Crud


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Posted 05 February 2018 - 11:28 AM

Hola, hace unos días compre "Grocery CRUD Enterprise" e instale la version "With out composer" con el fin de tener mas control sobre el código, ahora tengo una pregunta mas concreta...


Se pueden personalizar las vistas? Es decir, puedo personalizar las paginas que ve el usuario final? (tablas y formularios)


Si se puede... como de hace?


Si No...


Gracias, espero que me respondas Johny.


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Hi, a few days ago I bought "Grocery CRUD Enterprise" and installed the "With out composer" version in order to have more control over the code, now I have a more specific question ...
Can the views be customized? That is, can I customize the pages that the end user sees? (tables and forms)
If is possible ... how do you do?
If not...
Thanks, I hope you answer me Johny.