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Use Grocery CRUD in class without any framework


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Posted 18 January 2018 - 13:40 PM



I'm working on one application which doesn't use any framework. (That's why I've set up without composer version) So I'm following one file structure. But don't know how to use Grocery CRUD in that. given below is file structure.


In "classes" folder I've "Libraries", "variables" (in this folder I've stored files with database details and config details for CRUD), and outside file config, commonfunctions and other PHP file is there. in config file connection to the database is made using pdo way ... and in common function configfunction class is extended and in other php file commonfunction is extended. so i can use database connection object in both commonfunction file and that other class file. now my question is that how can i write this grocery crud so i can use it's function in that other php class file function ? hope you understand