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Dynamic upload path for Image CRUD??


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Posted 28 December 2016 - 21:15 PM

Hello developers!!

I'm working with Image CRUD and it works fine with an specific upload path, but I'm trying to upload images to a dynamic folder name.

If I define the variable $path = '../images/gallery/25'; it works fine, but when I try to define it dynamicly with the $property_id parameter it doesn't work. It upload the images to another folder named "upload_file" (I didn't created it).

Any idea about it?

function test($property_id = "")
        $image_crud = new image_CRUD();		

        $path = '../images/gallery/'.$property_id;
            //->set_image_path('../images/gallery/25'); this works fine but is not dynamic

	$output = $image_crud->render();