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Upload in a specific directory


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Posted 15 November 2014 - 12:21 PM


Is there some one that can help me to do that?


I need to have an upload that is made in fonction of the product and categorie selected


Category : car
Product : v1.1
files: xxx.exe

the needed upload result is 



In advance, thanks for your help


PS: i have also Teamviewer if it easyer :-)


Amit Shah

Amit Shah
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Posted 16 November 2014 - 10:41 AM

well.. we can do that ... u code it - i give u the logic


if $crud->getState() == 'add'

 - set the upload path to regular / normal wherever u have it.

u can have a callback_upload or callback_after_upload ... whichever suites you.. to move the uploaded file to the set location.

But - 1 thing - make sure you disable the upload / hide the upload (whatever suites) till the category / product is selected. Post the selection of both - enable the same.


Now - other important stuff..

if $crud->getState() == 'edit'

 - Retrieve the primary key for which the record is getting edited (either from the url or from the getStateInfo() function)

 - Retrieve the row .. and get the selected category / product.... (based on the ids of respected selected and stored in the table)

 - Now set the uplod path to upload/<category_name>/<product_name>


this will allow the user to directly manage the file set location.


Hope you can now crack a deal on the same :)


Happy GCing :)