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[Solved] Add and Edit errors


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Posted 21 May 2014 - 11:37 AM

I have two tables, and a set_relation_n_n beetween them:



Museum: id, name, ...

Category: id, name, ...

Museum_x_Category: museum_id, category_id

The relation is defined by this line:



$crud->set_relation_n_n('Categorías', 'Museum_x_Category', 'Category', 'museum_id', 'category_id', 'name', 'category_id' );


I was getting these "An error ocurred on insert" and "An error has occurred on saving." errors when adding or editing.


The cause was: the non-utf8 character in the word 'Categorías'. Replacing this word by 'Categorias' (note the í), it works.


Also, i had to remove the last parameter 'category_id', because it was assigning me all the museums to the first category (id=1). Gotta do some research to understand this behavior of GroceryCRUD. Probably it is correct.


So now, it works.


Hope my solutions save time to anybody else.