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Update to chosen library with option adding (Koen Punt's fork)


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Posted 15 November 2013 - 03:18 AM

Recently, I had the need to have a dropdown field in a CRUD add/edit form where the choices would be listed, but also provide the User the ability to add a value not in the list.  After some searching, I discovered Koen Punt's fork of Harvest's Chosen jQuery plugin.  He has implemented this feature and as integrated it into the latest version of chosen.


github => https://github.com/koenpunt/chosen

Discussion of around original request of feature => https://github.com/harvesthq/chosen/pull/166


What I did was extend Grocery_crud.php with a 2 new field_types "multiselectadd", "dropdownadd"


in get_field_input(...)

  • added these 2 new types to $types_array
  • and  included the extra case(s) (with add) after the original

Copied the function definition of get_dropdown_input()  => get_dropdownadd_input() modifying    class='chosen-select-add'

Also, the similar copy, modification for get_multiselect_input() => get_multiselectadd_input()  modifying  class='chosen-multiple-select-add'


then modify  assets/grocery_crud/js/jquery_plugins/config/jquery.chosen.config.js

to include the following:

                                                                    create_option: function(term){
                                                                        var chosen = this;
                                                                        chosen.append_option({ value: term,
                                                                                               text:  term

Now, using $crud->field_type('my_field', 'dropdownadd', /* function array of id => value  */ );  results in a pop-up which shows the choices for that field, and also allows the User to enter a new value for that field.


You will need to write a $crud->callback_insert() and $crud->callback_update() to handle the special case where  "my_field" is the new string value, rather than the integer index value.


$my_field = $post['my_field'];
if( $my_field != '' ){
  if( preg_match("/^\d+$/", $my_field) ){
      /* Yes, this is an index */
  } else {
     /* New value entered */




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Posted 25 November 2013 - 08:44 AM

Hi, First, excuse my english .... 

I tried to follow the instructions but I am not clear what you mean by these points:


  • and  included the extra case(s) (with add) after the original




$crud->field_type('my_field', 'dropdownadd', /* function array of id => value  */ )


You can help me, with an example ??