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Error loading saving data


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Posted 25 March 2021 - 08:58 AM

Hello everyone


I'm newbee to coding and I recently discovered Grocery Crud and would like to start a small project.

I have install Grocery Crud Ver 2.01 and Codelgniter  Ver 4.1.1 in local with Wampserver

I want to capitalize the field  « nom_ta_client” in my database but I always have the error “Loading saving data” and if I remove the 2 lines with Callback  all is good no mistake.

Could someone tell me where I made a mistake

Thank you for your help and sorry for my poor English




public function prepare($post_array)
$post_array['nom_ta_client'] = strtoupper(trim($post_array['nom_ta_client']));        
return $post_array;

function get_init_date($post_array)
  $post_array['date_creation_ta_client'] = date('d-m-Y');
  $post_array['date_maj_ta_client'] = date('d-m-Y H:i:s');
  return $post_array;

 function Client() {
        $crud = new GroceryCrud();





        $crud->displayAs('date_creation_ta_client','Date de Création');
        $crud->displayAs('date_maj_ta_client','Date de MAJ');




        $output = $crud->render();

        return $this->_TestOutput($output);

    private function _TestOutput($output = null) {
        return view('Test', (array)$output);