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Does Grocerycrud allows me to do that project?


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Posted 24 March 2021 - 13:48 PM

Hi, looking for hours (days? weeks?) how to build an app / a web service for myself that would be useful when writing products descriptions for a products catalog.

My question is : does Grocerycrud allows me to do that ? (maybe this is not the kind of tool that I need at the end, I guess yes, but...)


OK, here's what I have to build :

- I have a catalog of products in 4 languages (FR / EN / DE / NL)

- Each product description text should be displayed in an html page with 5 to 10 paragraphs describing it

- Each describing paragraph correspond to one attribute of the product (its size, color, material, range, etc.) with some text about it

- Those paragraphs may contain standard html markups such as title, bold, ahref, lists


So I'm guessing I could build one table per attribute, that would list every attribute and their describing texts and translations:

- A "color" table, containing every colors, and for each color record, the 4 translated paragraphs related to it (id / color name / text FR / text EN / text DE / text NL)

- A "range" table, with the several product ranges, and for each range, the 4 texts in 4 languages corresponding to that range

- Etc.


I think I've understood that Grocerycrud  would allow me to create that DB structure, add the datas and update them, without having to code by myself (feel free to confirm), as my skills are limited in that matter. This would be a first good point, avoiding me a huuuge Esxel sheet.


Bonus question :

Would it be adapted if I want to generate the html code of one product description in this way :

- For a product item, I select each attribute in several dropdown lists (color : red / range : premium / size ; small / material : wood, etc.)

- And when by validating that request it would display a concatenation of each paragraphs corresponding to that request (first paragraph about the color, then second paragraph about the range, third paragraph about the size, etc.). 

- ... This.... in 4 languages (that could be displayed within the same page)


Here's the deal, hoping that this tool can do that for me... (I may bring some more details if not very clear)

Thanks for your help and feedbacks !