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Small modification, big benefits

Sorin Sfirlogea

Sorin Sfirlogea
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Posted 18 January 2021 - 15:37 PM

I modified just a bit the code in the grocery-crud-2.8.7.xxxxxxxx.js file and I obtained a significant improvement in usability.

            columnsData.forEach(function (column) {

                        className: (0, _classnames2.default)({
                            'active': orderBy === column.name,
                            'table-active': orderBy === column.name
                        }, 'gc-data-container', column.name+'Field'), // added code: , column.name+'Field'
                        key: column.name
                    !column.value && _react2.default.createElement(
                    column.value && !column.isHtml && _react2.default.createElement(
                        { className: 'gc-data-container-text' },
                    column.value && column.isHtml && _react2.default.createElement('div', { className: 'gc-data-container-text', dangerouslySetInnerHTML: { __html: column.value } })

It allows you to have additional styling on each column of the datagrid, as each td element will have a class named after its corresponding column (eg. amountField).


Maybe this is helpful for others too. 



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Posted 17 February 2021 - 16:24 PM

I was using callback to modify columns, but it can be very useful ! Many Thanks !!