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setActionButton not working -> GroceryCrud Enterprise v2.8.7


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Posted 02 January 2021 - 03:14 AM



I have been working in a new project and using GC Enterprise. The issue that has arisen is that the setActionButton function does not render a button. I am using the given example from the online documentation as is but there is not Avatar button showing after a browser cache clear  and page refresh. The table works flawlessly otherwise. 


The code used is directly copied from the example as: $crud->setActionButton('Avatar', 'fa fa-user', function ($row) { return '/view_avatar/' . $row->url; }, true);


The only thing I get on the page in the table rows is the edit, more -> view, delete buttons. 


complete code is as follows in Codeigniter class


$crud = $this->engineModel->getGCE('app');
$crud->setActionButton('Avatar', 'fa fa-user', function ($row) { return '/demo_view_avatar/' . $row->employeeNumber;}, true);
$output = $crud->render();



using bootstrap v4 theme



Can anyone help with this please?

Thank You



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Posted 04 January 2021 - 01:38 AM

Issue resolved. I was adding the button to the incorrect class.. All is working as normal.