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Is this possilbe?


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Posted 26 July 2020 - 19:46 PM

I've not seen this issue in other frameworks, but can GCE simply show all dates (regardless of grid, add/edit/clone form or other GCE views) as a single format?  seems like this should be pretty simple, but stupid me can't find a way, help!  I understand that many apps need to be configured for multi-date situations, but that should negate the simplicity of local dates.


If so, how in GCE?  I can use "add" callbacks to format the default values, format values in the "add" callback, but the "edit", as well as "clone" callbacks simply hang and don't work as other framework experiences.


I'm sure this is a simple fix for me, can anyone help?  Simply want to use 'us_date' for this entire app, rather no "callbacks" or other "twists", can CGE do this?