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GCEnt Dates


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Posted 10 July 2020 - 22:05 PM

GCEnt Dates - why so strange?


First the GCEnt installed a "gcrud-enterprise.php" and a "gcrud_enterprise.php" ("dash" and "underscore".)  The former (dash) does not have a reference to "date" settings, the later (underscore) "gcrud_enterprise.php" has...


 // There are only three choices: "uk-date" (dd/mm/yyyy), "us-date" (mm/dd/yyyy) or "sql-date" (yyyy-mm-dd)
    'date_format' => 'us-date',

referring to date settings.  I'm looking for "us-date" across my entire application, in this case. 


Which lets me set the GLOBAL (GCEnt GLOBAL) date/time display without the need for a bunch of "callbacks" to restate my preferred format?