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Unable to call readonly fields from callback_before_update as post parameters


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Posted 12 September 2019 - 07:56 AM

If I define a field to be readonly, I am unable to call it as a post parameter in callback_before_update function.


Please see the example below: 


$this->crud->fields('user_id','name','address', 'phone', 'city', 'age');

$this->crud->columns('user_id','name','address', 'phone', 'city', 'age');


$this->crud->field_type('user_id', 'readonly');




public function _update_user_info($post_array){

//further processing with post_array


//since i have defined 'user_id' as a readonly field, I am unable to read its value as a post parameter here. 

How do I access readonly fields in this function ? If I comment the line $this->crud->field_type('user_id', 'readonly'); it works correctly.