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Disable Footer/Searchbox in List-View

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Posted 13 August 2019 - 08:57 AM

In small grids sometimes it makes sense to disable the Information and the Search-option in the bottom of the ListView.


I manipulate the File assets/grocery_crud/themes/flexigrid/views/list_template.php an add in the div the style-option "display".



  <div class="sDiv quickSearchBox" id='quickSearchBox' style="display: <?php echo $_SESSION['gcm_searchbox']?>;">



  <div class="pDiv" style="display: <?php echo $_SESSION['gcm_footerpage']?>;">


Now you have to initialize the Variable in the _construct() function in your Main-Controller. 

  $this->session->gcm_searchbox = 'flexible';

  $this->session->gcm_footerpage = 'flexible';



If you want to disable the Searchbox or the Footerpage Section you only have to set the Session-Variable to disable before you render().


    $this->session->gcm_searchbox = 'none';

    $this->session->gcm_footerpage = 'none';


I hope this ist helpful :).