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Bootstrap Not filtering when Paginate with Where clause

Neo Fethi Ch

Neo Fethi Ch
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Posted 20 May 2019 - 13:23 PM

Hi everyone, 

I purchased a bootstrap v3 Theme for grocery crud and apply it to my projet.

I have a probleme when i use Where condition on my table to get filtered data.


I explain it : For example i have to show Houses with certain conditions (a surface between 100 and 200), so i use PHP GET, and apply Where condition before getting the table.


For the first page of datatable list (bootstrap theme), it works. but when i click on pagination (page 2 3 4 etc), the filter is not considered, so the table shows all results without Filter.


It's very important for me because i used in big project for my customer. 

It will be very helpful if you can send me a solution for this. 


Here is the code : 

$crud = new grocery_CRUD();
			if(isset($_GET['admin']) && is_numeric($_GET['admin']) && (int)$_GET['admin']>0 ){
			$supmax = "";
			if(isset($_GET['supmin']) && is_numeric($_GET['supmin']) && (int)$_GET['supmin']>=0 ){
				$supmin = (int)$_GET['supmin'];
				$crud->where("superficie >=",$supmin);
			if(isset($_GET['supmax']) && is_numeric($_GET['supmax']) && (int)$_GET['supmax']>0 ){
				$supmax = (int)$_GET['supmax'];
				$crud->where("superficie <=",$supmax);